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SE "KOLORAN" performs work on the creation of complex technologies of non-destructive testing, repair and protection of structures, develops and manufactures materials, as well as provides services for the use of developed materials and technologies to extend the service life of special facilities.

 Main areas of activity: 

- Development of new technologies of non-destructive testing, localization and repair of defects of responsible parts and structures of technical facilities and industrial products for various purposes (including in extreme operating conditions); 

- Development and production of environmentally friendly defectoscopic materials for visual detection and elimination of defects; 

- Development and production of new generations of sealants, protective anti-corrosion coatings and means and materials for the preservation of metal and concrete structures

The company offers:

 – Sets of materials for color and luminescent flaw detection. – Kits “MAGEX" for magnetic powder control with a magnetizing device on permanent magnets

 – Developers of leaks of test and working environments – Means of control of porosity of protective coverings

 – Means of cleaning and protection of metal surfaces from rust. – Sealants for various purposes.

 – Silicone oils, paints and varnishes and other materials for repair and conservation of metal and concrete structures 

IFH-COLOR materials are able to provide solutions to the problems of visual detection and elimination of various defects, preparation of metal surfaces before non-destructive testing of tightness, welding, painting, corrosion protection and preservation of metal structures.

IFH-COLOR materials are fire safety, ecological purity and absence of highly toxic components, high productivity, simplicity, reliability and safety of the technology which has passed successful approbation at the leading enterprises of an aerospace complex, power, shipbuilding, chemical and oil engineering. 

The director of the enterprise is KAZAKEVYCH Mykhailo Leonidovych, Candidate of Chemical Sciences. Senior Research Fellow. Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics. (corresponding link http://www.usndt.com.ua/ua_struktura.htm

Prospekt Nauki, 31, Kyiv 03039 Ukraine,  tel./fax: +38(044)525-95-29

e-mail: admini@inphyschem-nas.kiev.ua


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