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From 1994 to 2011, KATEK was headed by Candidate of Chemical Sciences SO Marusyak.

The main activity of KATEK is the production of experimental and industrial batches of catalysts and the development of new technologies of catalytic processes on the basis of science-intensive products of catalytic and adsorption units of the Institute.

KATEK performs work on the manufacture and implementation of catalysts for various technological processes, including neutralization of exhaust and ventilation gases from toxic impurities of phenol, formaldehyde, styrene and other organic substances in energy-saving adsorption-catalytic mode due to chemisorption binding of molecules impurities.

The state enterprise produces for the needs of Ukraine:

– manganese catalyst-absorber MPK-1 for purification of ventvicides from toxic impurities of phenol, formaldehyde, styrene and other organic substances;

– palladium-manganese catalyst PMK-0.24 for the processes of complete oxidation of impurities of hydrocarbons and other organic substances contained in the ventilation emissions of a number of industries, as well as purification of gaseous emissions containing ozone impurities;

– catalytic hydrogen absorber DMP, which is used for cryogenic equipment;

– catalyst P-5 for purification of exhaust gases from impurities of carbon monoxide and a number of organic compounds;

– block catalysts of cellular structure of the BKAP series for purification of exhaust gases of diesel generator sets from carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.

The products of SE “KATEK" have been tested and are widely used at the enterprises of Ukraine, in particular OJSC “UKRELEKTROAPARAT" in Khmelnytsky, plant “MAYAK" in Kyiv, plant “Harplastmas" in Kharkiv, Dnieper water station in Kyiv, Kyiv Plant of Medicines and a number of other enterprises.

Address: 03028, Prosp. Nauki 31, Kiev-28, Ukraine

Phone: (044) 525-72-42

e-mail: ozoneholenew@gmail.com


Catalytic heat generators

Development and manufacture of catalytic units for autonomous flameless heat generator based on catalytic oxidation of methane or propane-butane mixture for heating various objects, including in the field.

Technical equipment

Development and manufacture of equipment for the needs of Ukrainian industry:

1. Laboratory and industrial catalytic reactors of technological processes of gas purification and organic synthesis.

2. Equipment and spare parts for the needs of Ukrzaliznytsia, Metro, specialized vehicles and nuclear power plants.


        The products of KATEK are widely used at the enterprises of Ukraine, namely: Science Industrial Association “FORT” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Khmelnytsky Nuclear Power Plant, «CENTRENERGOMASH» LLC, METINVEST «ILYICH IRON AND STEEL WORKS», PRIVATE STOCK СOMPANY «PLANT «KUZNYA ON RYBALSKY», Institutes and state enterprises of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ukrzaliznytsia, Avtospetsprom LLC

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