Sergiy O. Soloviev Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Sergiy O. Soloviev

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor,

Corresponding Member of NASU,

Leading Research Scientist

Department of Catalytic Oxidative-Reductive Processes

Ukraine, 03028 Кyiv, prosp. Nauky, 31

Telephone: 38 (044) 525-66-70


Research interests

– Heterogeneous catalytic processes of deep oxidation of organic compounds, complex purification of exhaust gases from industry and transport (oxidation of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, ozone decomposition, reduction of nitrogen oxides);

– Oxidative reforming of methane and its homologues (steam, carbon dioxide and oxy-carbon dioxide conversion, tri-reforming) to obtain hydrogen and/or synthesis gas;

– Tandem processes of synthesis of valuable organic substances (dienes, oxygenates) from renewable raw materials (С2, С4-bioalcohols);

– Structural and functional design of heterogeneous catalysts of new generation for neutralization of gaseous emissions (СО, СnHm, NOx) of mobile and stationary sources, conversion of greenhouse gases (CH4, CO2), catalysts for hydrogen energy – production of hydrogen fuel/synthesis gas by oxidizing natural bio-gas, complex processing of biogas, synthesis of valuable organic substances (dienes, oxygenates) from renewable raw materials (bio-alcohols).


Professional experience

1976–1982 Engineer
1982–1885 Junior Research Scientist
1985–1988 Research Scientist
1988–2011 Senior Research Scientist
2011–2020 Deputy Director of the Institute
2011– at present Leading Research Scientist



  • – Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Chemical Technology Department (1973);
  • – Postgraduate study (Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis) at L.V. Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry of NASU (1980);
  • – Candidate of Chemical Sciences (1982);
  • – Senior Researcher (2004);
  • – Doctor of Chemical Sciences (2011);
  • – Professor (2014).


Scientific awards

  • – The State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology for the series of scientific papers “Adsorbed lays on a surface of transition metals: structure, electron processes, friction, kinetics of formation, catalysis” (as part of the author’s team, 2008);
  • – L.V. Pisarzhevskii Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the series of scientific papers “Development of physical and chemical principles of creating new catalysts for chemical processing of renewable raw materials and environmental protection” (as part of the author’s team, 2017)



  • – Project № 1586 of Science and Technology Center in Ukraine “Development of materials and constructions of ceramic filters and catalytic neutralizers for internal combustion engines” (2001–2004);
  • – Partnership project of Science and Technology Center in Ukraine «Evaluation of diesel particulate filter and catalyst technology developed by IPMS and the Institute of Physical Chemistry» (customer – Imprimatur Capital, UK, 2007).


Scientific cooperation

  • – Ph.D. V.M. Pavlikov, І.М. Frantsevych Institute of Problems of Materials Science of NASU, development of ceramic block carriers of cellular structure for catalysts, joint grants of STCU (2000–2004), scientific and technical innovation project of NASU (2004);
  • – Prof. E.M. Moroz, G.K. Boreskov Institute of Catalysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research of structural characteristics of catalysts, joint complex integration project of fundamental researches of The Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • – Prof. Liu Jin Wen, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China, project “Development of catalysts for purification of gaseous emissions of cars with low platinum metal content for cars made in China” (2006–2010);
  • – Prof. Stanislaw Dzwigaj, Laboratoire de Réactivité de Surface, Sorbonne Université-CNRS, Paris, France, development of new catalysts for redox processes involving NOx, О2, CnHmOl and training of young scientists;
  • – Academician of the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences, Prof. K.D. Dosumov, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Center for Physical and Chemical Research and Analysis, Kazakhstan;
  • – Prof. M. Yunusov, Uzbek Research Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute, Uzbekistan;
  • – Prof. E. Ismailov, Yu.G. Mammadaliyev Institute of Petrochemical Processes of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan.

Total number of publications: articles – 150, patents – 24.

Identification codes in scientometric databases: Scopus – 15048785900, ResearcherID – P-2220-2017, ORCID – 0000-0001-9271-7495.


List of selected publications

  1. – Kyriienko, P.I.; Larina, O.V.; Balakin, D.Y.; Stetsuk, A.O.; Nychiporuk, Y.M.; Soloviev, S.O.; Orlyk, S.M. 1,3-Butadiene Production from Aqueous Ethanol over ZnO/MgO-SiO2 Catalysts: Insight into H2O Effect on Catalytic Performance. Appl. Catal. A Gen. 2021, 616, 118081.
  2. – Larina, O.V.; Valihura, K.V.; Kyriienko, P.I.; Vlasenko, N.V.; Balakin, D.Y.; Khalakhan, I.; Veltruská, K.; Čendak, T.; Soloviev, S.O.; Orlyk, S.M. Catalytic performance of ternary Mg-Al-Ce oxides for ethanol conversion into 1-butanol in a flow reactor. J. Fuel Chem. Technol. 2021, 49(3), 347–358.
  3. – Larina, O.V.; Shcherban, N.D.; Kyriienko, P.I.; Remezovskyi, I.M.; Yaremov, P.S.; Khalakhan, I.; Mali, G.; Soloviev, S.O.; Orlyk, S.M.; Dzwigaj, S. Design of Effective Catalysts Based on ZnLaZrSi Oxide Systems for Obtaining 1,3-Butadiene from Aqueous Ethanol. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng. 2020, 8(44), 16600–16611.
  4. – Kyriienko, P.I.; Larina, O.V.; Soloviev, S.O.; Orlyk, S.M. Catalytic Conversion of Ethanol Into 1,3-Butadiene: Achievements and Prospects: A Review. Theor. Exp. Chem. 2020, 56(4), 213–242. 
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  13. – Soloviev, S.O.; Kirienko, P.I.; Popovych, N.О. Effect of CeO2 and Al2O3 on the activity of Pd/Co3O4/cordierite catalyst in the three-way catalysis reactions (CO/NO/CnHm). J. Environ. Sci. 2012, 24(7), 1327–1333. 
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