Oleksiy V. Shvets Candidate of chemical sciences

Oleksiy V. Shvets

Oleksiy V. Shvets

Candidate of chemical sciences

Senior research scientist

Telephone: +38 (044) 525-41-96
Fax: +38 (044) 525 62 16
Email: alexshvets@ukr.net

Area of scientific interests

Design of new type of structure directing agents (templates) based on quaternary ammonium compounds with different structure for hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites.
Hydrothermal synthesis, physicochemical characterization and catalytic testing of large- and extra-large porous zeolites with different topology: UTL, MOR, BEA, MFI, MTW, VET, ЕМТ, STF, STT, IWW, ITH, IWR, etc.
Hydrothermal synthesis of zeolites in highly-concentrated media and in ionic liquids.
Delamination of zeolites (including with UTL structure) and their transformation into mesoporous hierarchical structures and new zeolites.
Design of templates and direct hydrothermal synthesis of hierarchical zeolites with different topology (MFI, MOR, BEA, MTW) and morphology – nanoparticles (0D), nanorods or
Chiral templates for chiral zeolites synthesis.
Solubilization of substances with different nature by micelles of surfactant.
Hydrothermal template synthesis of silica and modificated by Al, V, Mo, W, and Ti mesoporous molecular sieves of МСМ-41, МСМ-48, SBA-15, SBA-16, KIT-5, KIT-6 type.
Hydrothermal template synthesis of mesoporous molecular sieves based on semiconductors, including oxides SnO2, WO3 and others.
Hard template synthesis of mesoporous oxides, for example WO3
Doped mesoporous tin dioxide as material for selective conductometric sensors

Professional experience

2006 – current Deputy Head of Department porous compounds and materials in IPC NASU
2001 – current Senior researcher of the Department of porous compounds and materials of the IPC NASU
1998 – 2001 Researcher of the Department of porous compounds and materials of the IPC NASU
1995 – 1998 Junior researcher of the Laboratory of zeolite composite materials at IPC NASU
1993 – 1995 Engineerat IPC NASU
1990 – 1993 PhD student at IPC NASU
1988 – 1990 Technician at IPC AS USSR


Ph.D. thesis entitled “Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of clusters of CdS, stabilized in the structure of zeolites" in 1995
Kyiv State University, chemistry department, specialization – physical chemistry, obtained a diploma chemist/teacher in 1990

An author of more than 120 papers and 1 patents of Ukraine


Prize of the President of Ukraine for the young scientists, 2002

Scientific collaboration:

Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, АS of Czech Republic, department of catalysis II, prof. JiříČejka, joint research

List of selected publications

S.V. Kolotilov, O.V. Shvets, O.Cador, N.V. Kasian, V. G. Pavlov, L. Ouahab, V.G. Ilyin, V.V. Pavlishchuk. Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of porous magnetic composite, based on MCM-41 molecular sieve with Fe3O4 nanoparticles. // Journal of Solid State Chemistry – 2006. – 179, N6 – P. 2426 – 2432.

O. Shvets, A. Zukal, N. Kasian, N. Žilková, J. Čejka The Role of Crystallization Parameters for the Synthesis of Germanosilicate with UTL Topology. // Chemistry – A European Journal – 2008. – Vol. 14, N 32 – P. 10134 – 10140.

O.V.Shvets, A. Zukal, N. Kasian, J. Pinkas, J. Čejka. The Role of Template Structure and Synergism between Inorganic and Organic Structure Directing Agents in the Synthesis of UTL Zeolite. // Chem. Mater. – 2010 – V. 22, N11, p. 3482 – 3495.

O.V. Shvets, M.V. Shamzhy, P.S. Yaremov, Z. Musilová, D. Procházková, J. Čejka. Isomorphous Introduction of Boron in Germanosilicate Zeolites with UTL Topology. // Chem. Mater. – 2011– V. 23, N10 – p. 2573 – 2585.

W.J. Roth, O.V. Shvets, M.V. Shamzhy, P. Chlubná, M. Kubů, P. Nachtigall, J. Čejka. Post-Synthesis Transformation of Three-Dimensional Framework into a Lamellar Zeolite with Modifiable Architecture // J. Amer. Chem. Soc. – 2011 – V. 133, N16 – p. 6130 – 6133.

M.V. Shamzhy, O.V. Shvets, M.V. Opanasenko P.S. Yaremov, L.G. Sarkisyan, P. Chlubná, A. Zukal, M. Hartmann, J. Čejka. Synthesis of isomorphously substituted extra-large pore UTL zeolites. // J. Mater. Chem. – 2012 – V. 22, N31 – P. 15793 – 15803.

N. Žilková, M. Shamzhy, O.V. Shvets, JiříČejka. Transformation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons over Isomorphously Substituted UTL: Comparison with Large and Medium Pore Zeolites. // Catalysis Today – 2013, V.204, P. 22 – 29.

S.A. Sergiienko, О.L. Kukla, P.S. Yaremov, V.M. Solomakha, O.V. Shvets. The Influence of Preparation Conditions and Doping on the Physicochemical and Sensor Properties of Mesoporous Tin Oxide. // Sensor and Actuator B – 2013 – V. 177 – P. 643 – 653.

P. Chlubna, W.J. Roth , H.F. Greer, W. Zhou, O.V.Shvets, A. Zukal, J. Cejka, R.E. Morris. 3D to 2D Routes to Ultra-thin and Expanded Zeolitic Materials. // Chem. Mater. – 2013 – V.25, N4 – P. 542 – 547.

W. J. Roth, P. Nachtigall, R. E. Morris, P. S. Wheatley, V. Seymour, S. E. Ashbrook, P. Chlubna, L.Grajciar, M. Poloij, A. Zukal, O.V. Shvets, J. Čejka. A family of complex zeolites with controlled pore size prepared through a ‘top down’ method. // Nature Chemistry – 2013. – V.5, N7 – P. 628 – 633.

N.Kasian, P. S. Yaremov, O. V. Shvets, L. Burel, E. Puzenat, A. Tuel. Influence of thermal treatments on phase composition and acidity of mesoporous tungsten oxide. // Microporous Mesoporous Mater. – 2014. – V.194 – P. 15 – 23.

M. Shamzhy, M. Opanasenko, Y. Tian, K. Konysheva, O. Shvets, R.E. Morris, J. Čejka. Germanosilicate precursors of ADORable zeolites obtained by disassembly of ITH, ITR and IWR zeolites. // Chem. Mater. – 2014 – V.26, N19 – P. 5789 – 5798.

O. V. Shvets, N. V. Kasyan, P. S. Yaremov, K. S. Gavrilenko, S. V. Kolotilov. Anomalous Increase of Mesopore Size in SBA-15 Type Molecular Sieve Using Solubilized Trinuclear Complex of Chromium(III) as Template. // Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, V. 51, N2, pp. 133–139.

M. M. Kurmach, P. S. Yaremov, V.V.Zyrina, M. O. Skoryk, O. V. ShvetsEffect of Template Structure and Synthesis Conditions on the Adsorption and Acid Properties of Hierarchical Titanosilicate MTW Zeolites. // Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, V. 51, N4, pp. 216–223

K. M. Konysheva,T. M. Boichuk,O. V. Shvets. Effect of Structural, Size, and Acid Characteristics of Hierarchical BEA and MOR Zeolites on Their Activity in the Catalytic Reduction of N2O and no by Propylene// Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, V. 52, N2, pp. 90–96

M. M. Kurmach,P. S. Yaremov,M. O. Skoryk, O. V. Shvets. Effect of Introduction of B3+or Al3+ Ions in the Structure of Ti-, Sn-, and Zr-Containing Heirarchical Zeolites on the Concentration of Lewis and Brønsted Acid Centers // Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, V. 52, N3, pp. 190–196

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