Scientific scope — Інститут фізичної хімії ім. Л.В.Писаржевського НАНУ
Scientific scope
The journal “Teoreticheskaya i Eksperimentalnaya Khimiya" accepts for approval papers, which have not been publisher earlier in priority fields of chemistry:
a) theory of chemical reactions, kinetics and mechanism of reactions in gas phase, liquids, solids and in molecular-organized systems;
b) chemical reactivity, physical-chemical principles of control of chemical processes, influence of physical factors on chemical reactions;
c) theoretical and chemical-physical grounds, principles and ways for creation of new processes, compounds and materials.
Question about compliance of an article with journal`s profile is decided by the editorial board.
Each article, accepted for consideration by the Journal, is reviewed by one or several independent experts, well-known specialists in different branches of chemistry.
Besides it publishes information, lightening the activity of Ukrainian National Committee on chemistry at Presidium of NAS of the Ukraine, institutions of chemical profile, reports of conferences and other informational materials.

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